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Early and Absentee Voting

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Voting by Mail

In most elections in Massachusetts, you can choose whether you prefer to vote in person or by mail. No-excuse early voting by mail is available for:

  • State elections
  • State primaries
  • Presidential primaries
  • Most local elections

These ballots are known as “Vote by Mail” ballots and can be requested using a Vote by Mail Application or visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth web site. Applications may be sent by mail or email to the Town Clerk or dropped by the office. Ballots must be requested by mail at least 5 business days prior to an election.

There are special circumstances where you may need to use the Absentee Ballot application to apply for an absentee ballot instead. Find more information about absentee ballot eligibility here.

In Person Early Voting

In Massachusetts, you can vote early in person in all statewide elections. You don’t need an excuse to cast an early ballot. You can vote early in person or by mail. For information on voting early by mail, visit Voting by Mail page. Times for in person early voting will be posted on the Town Clerk web page as each election gets closer.

Eligible Elections

In-person early voting is available for:

  • Regular state elections
  • Regular state primaries
  • Presidential primaries
  • Special elections held on the same day as a statewide election
  • Special elections for U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives
In person early voting is NOT OFFERED for regular local town elections (Annual Town Election ).Contact the Town Clerk for either a vote by mail application or an absentee balllot application for local elections or find more information here Absentee Ballot application .

All In person early or in person absentee voting will take place at:

Town Clerk’s Office at 18 Jacobs Road Municipal Building

Calendar of Events
State Primary -- SCHEDULED
Tue, Sep 3, 2024, 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Jacobs Road Municipal Center Cafeteria
Posted to: Town Clerk
Latest News
BERK12 Sustainability Study needs input from all residents to help understand educational needs. Due June 24.
All Heath residents are invited to participate in the Eighth Annual Heath Arts Exhibition, August 31 to September 7.
Monday, June 17th, 7:00 p.m.