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Town of Heath
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Heath Historical Society

The purpose of the Heath Historical Society is the to preserve the history of the Town of Heath
  • by maintaining significant buildings and historical sites (i.e., the Old Town House, the Center Schoolhouse, the Solomon Temple Barn, and the Fort Shirley site);
  • by maintaining the collection of any and all articles of historical interest connected with the Town of Heath;
  • by acquiring, protecting, identifying, and marking historical sites and homes in town;
  • by encouraging historical research and the publication of its results;
  • by cooperating with the public schools for educating the youth about the history of the town;
  • by preserving documents, relics, and individual records of the patriots and early settlers of the town; and
  • by maintaining a place where relics, documents and historical records related to the town may be seen and studied by the public.

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Latest News
Friday, May 3, 2024, at 12:00 noon, 18 Jacobs Road.
The Heath Cultural Council recently announced funding recipients for the 2024 grant cycle.
Listen to Previous Meetings: